Autorun aplication in Raspbian


(versión en español)

When you use the Raspberry Pi (RPi) as a driver (and not as a computer) it’s very useful that the application starts by itself, without sending any order. To get that, we need to remove the login and configure the application. This two tips are easy to implement and give a quality touch. Continuar leyendo


Needed software for Raspberry (PC part)


(Spanish version)

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Now we start configurating the work environment in our computer:

  • First of all we start installing the programs that allow us the comunication with the raspberry: ssh, remote desktop and ftp. For the ssh comutications we use the Putty (programa / tutorial). For the remote desktop, the default Windows application (tutorial). And for the ftp, the FileZilla (program / tutorial).
  • Now it’s time to configure the program environement, (to be able to program in C#) so we install the Xamarin editor (program / tutorial). Also, it’s usefull to install the Notepad++ (program), that allow us to read any code.